At Alrijne, we put your medical information in your electronic patient record (EPR). This includes reports on any conversations we have had, surgery reports, treatment plans or blood test results, for example.In some cases, it is necessary for your care provider (your doctor, nurse or physiotherapist, for example) to share your medical information with other care providers outside of Alrijne. We do so to offer you the best possible care. Alrijne does not share these details without taking the necessary precautions. It is up to you to decide whether or not we have permission to share your information with other care providers.

What does 'presumed consent' mean?

In some cases, you will be cared for by different providers (such as the hospital, a home carer, a rehabilitation centre, and your GP). If so, these other care providers also need to be able to access your information. In some situations, we assume that you consent to information from your medical record being shared with other care providers. We refer to this as 'presumed consent'.

The situations in question include the following:

  • A message to your GP about your treatment or a test at the hospital, for example;
  • A referral to a different care provider;
  • Cooperation with other care providers in connection with your treatment;
  • Emergency situations in which we cannot ask for your consent, but we do need your information to be able to offer proper treatment.
Alrijne only shares information that is important to be able to offer you high-quality care. If you prefer us not to do so, you can let your care provider know.
Your information is always sent using a secure method, such as secure e-mail.

Consent to view your medical information online

Other care providers can also access (parts of) your electronic patient record at Alrijne online. Doing so is quick and secure. Access is gained via a secured network, and the other car provider can then see the information they need for your treatment. We refer to this as an 'electronic exchange system'. To enable us to use this system, you need to grant us your separate, prior consent.
Once done, your medical information can be viewed at any time by other care providers who are connected to the electronic exchange system. Only care providers who are offering you care are allowed to view and use your information.

If you do not agree to other care providers gaining access to your electronic patient record at Alrijne, we can still share information with these care providers, though only if you want us to do so. In this case, we do so using a different method, such as secure e-mail. If so, it can take a little longer before the other care provider receives your information.

Consent for requesting information from the laboratory

Alrijne works in partnership with Eurofins. This laboratory holds the results requested by other care providers, such as your GP. The doctor who is treating you at Alrijne does not receive these results automatically, but it can be important to ensure your doctor at Alrijne always receives these results. That way, they will know exactly which tests you have already had done, and consequently, which tests are no longer needed. For that reason, we will ask you on behalf of the laboratory whether you would like to consent to making the results of tests requested by other care providers available.

Consent for children

For children under the age of 12, a parent or guardian must give consent. Children between the ages of 12 and 16 must give their own consent to information being shared, in consultation with their legal representative. From the age of 16, the child is fully responsible.

How do you give consent?

You can give consent in two ways:
  • Either in MijnAlrijne [add link];
  • or at the registration desk in the hospital.
In both cases, you will need to answer the following questions:

For sharing your medical information:

Academic research and education
Consent for your information to be used for academic research and education.


Care provider portal
Consent to give your GP or their acting replacement access to your record via the care provider portal.

Care platform
Consent to exchange your data with institutions providing specialist medical care.

Request data
Request your medical information from laboratories.


You can withdraw your consent at any time. You can do so via the same method you used to give consent: via MijnAlrijne or at the registration desk in the hospital. As soon as you have withdrawn your consent, other care providers will no longer be able to view your information.